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March Organisers

Alena Kimbrough, PhD Candidate

Alena is a climate scientist who studies ancient monsoon behaviour using stalagmites from tropical caves. She is passionate about facts and loves solving tricky problems in all their varying forms. Alena believes that we, as a society, thrive on knowledge and compassion. “These are the qualities that make us inquisitive, creative, resilient, and formidable. Without science, we lose our knowledge and without compassion, we lose ourselves”. Alena is an active member in the March for Science because science is everywhere, affects everyone, and we must all get involved.

Jessie Andrikis, BBIOT

Jessie is a Science graduate who is passionate about the importance of Science within the community. She became involved in the March for Science due to concern over the current societal opinions of science to show the public how imperative it is to the world. As a future doctor, teacher and scientist, she wants to engage everyone in how amazing science is!

Janet Salisbury, PhD

Janet has a background in medical research but in the 1990s she made a career change to writing, editing and managing science publications about health, agriculture and environment. In the mid-1990s, she founded Biotext, a science communication and publishing consultancy based in Canberra and with offices in other cities. Janet has worked on numerous documents of national and international significance and has developed particular interests in research translation into practice, evidence-based practice, public engagement with science and dialogue. She is a member of the Canberra-based group A Chorus of Women and has developed, facilitated and performed in numerous public meetings and presentations about humanitarian and environmental issues of public concern, and helped to showcase the role of the arts in public discourse.

Aqeel Akber, PhD Candidate

Aqeel is an experimental physicist at the Australian National University, and loves the scientific method. As a grateful 2nd generation immigrant, Aqeel got involved in Science March Australia to call for an ethical and scientific approach to all issues in our country. “Scientific debate requires empathy, respect, and a readiness to adjust your position -- this doesn’t mean it can’t get heated!”

Erin Vaughn, PhD

Erin is a geneticist, passionate science educator and science advocate. She recently took up a postdoctoral research position at the Australian National University. As an immigrant to Australia and mother of two, she became involved in March for Science Australia to take part in standing up for the future of science in her adopted home.

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